Mon Ami!

Kota, Rajasthan, India.

28th July, 2019.

Monsoon and me…. huh…. this combination can never go right. The worst of roads and the sultry weather, it’s definitely not the time I would want to leave my bed and even think of going out.

But I did.

Again, I guess these days either I’m like too happy or maybe the heavens have their own way of pleasing me often, cause yesterday for me was like THE best… like I don’t even know why, or maybe I do. The cold winds, lofty clouds and the resplendent place, I was exalted with that itself. And of course mon meilleur ami!

So yeah it was like that, with the mesmerising atmosphere I guess I was kind of lost in tranquility, and to some extent lost my sanity too.

But nevermind, small imperfections make a perfect day even more exemplary. And an Impeccable companion, to sum up is all you need.

Roaming on wilds which were never trudged upon surrounded by the sumptuous view, was something I don’t get to see that often. It was fun cause it was Me and I was there cause there was …..



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