Kishore Sagar Talab, Kota, Rajasthan, India.

So yes newness in life is intriguing…. I don’t know if I’ve said this before but I’m concerned about my obsession for anything new. Like literally weather it’s a new flavour of my favourite chocolate, a new clothing in my wardrobe or a new person in my life.

The obsession or more like the “curiosity” that comes with someone new is just something I can’t resist. (That sounded a bit weird, but you get what I mean.)

It’s just like there’s a surge of questions to be answered, a million stories to be heard, a different perspective to be seen and an entirely new personality to be understood.

Learning is necessity, learning is habit but learning in my case is an addiction in some way. I’m just so engrossed in anything that catches my attention that I stop paying heed to things that actually matter… small talks become long conversations and light hearted chit-chats become deep topics to contemplate on.

My problem is, though I may sound selfish, that I don’t have the time to explore an entirely new galaxy that collided with mine, in the form of an amazing person.

I do want to willingly give my time to something I feel is worth, but there are things in life you can’t always afford and spending my time, which is already not much, on that person, is one of them.

But then I remind myself that a time might come, when I can afford the luxury of talking to wonderful people with virtuous souls, and learn all that I couldn’t before. Discover similarities and differences, reduce gaps of misunderstandings and make bonds that are stronger than those three lines between two nitrogen atoms. I could will do all this … and I won’t let this galaxy wander away from me in the universe.

P.S- hope you like it…



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