Kota Railway Station, Rajasthan.

22nd October, 2019.

Chaos; something I thought would end once I finish this phase of intense commitment to my studies. That’s not the case, well.

Even when I have nothing to do, there’s so much going on around me and also inside me that it’s nowhere near the peace I imagined I would get. Whether it’s the usual house chores or somewhere I need to be, there’s just haste and me running around to do everything on time.

It’s as if I’ve trained my mind to crave work. The day passes by and I usually do nothing at times for the whole day but that is not because I don’t want to do anything, it’s just that my laziness takes over my urge for productivity.

These days as I’m looking back at the roller coaster ride the past three years have been it makes me sad and happy at the same time, I won’t mention the sad part but for the positive aspect of it I somewhat have an idea of at least what NOT to do in the forthcoming years. Though I completely have this in mind that I might be wrong again and that my decisions might lead me somewhere I haven’t thought of, but I still choose to trust myself yet again.

The trials I had to face for the trials that I took were worth the try I hope.



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